My main objective is to assist a core group of developers in the creation of quality games with a distinctive and impressive artistic style. I specialize in 3D modeling and texture painting along with a wide array of other art skills. I plan on utilizing my experience and artistic abilities to focus on creating games in a timely fashion with the highest of standards.  Although incredible visuals are very important, it does not cloud my eyes, because I firmly believe the “game” above all else comes first in quality and enjoyment.



Sr. Character Artist  May 2012-Present

Riot Games,  Santa Monica, CA   (Game Project: League of Legends)
  • Zbrush models and game characters 
  • Texture painting of champions
  • As a senior I help set quality standards and help others with programs and techniques
Sr. Character Artist  2007- May 2012
Vigil Games,  Austin, TX   (Game Project: Darksiders 1 & 2)
  • High poly Zbrush models and real time game characters
  • Texture painting of our stylized characters
  • Problem solving of more complicated models
  • I help set quality standards and instruct others in style
Lead Character Artist  2004-2007
Edge of Reality,  Austin, TX   (Game Project: Fear & Respect, Cipher Complex)
  • Modeling the creation of very detail characters and environments
  • Mapping and painting of high quality realistic textures
  • Help define the style and pipeline for next generation development
  • Concepts, Documentation, Instructing and Scheduling
Sr.  Character Artist & Sr. Environment Artist  2000-2004
Retro Studios,  Austin, TX   (Game Project: Metroid Prime & Metroid Prime Echoes)
  • Senior Character Artist for Metroid Prime 2
  • Senior Level Artist for Metroid Prime 1
  • Modeling the characters and levels
  • Painting textures for the character and levels
  • Special Effects and scripting of game environments in custom editors
  • Conception of details and areas of game levels
Asistant Art Director  1999-2000
Kinesoft Development,  Austin, TX   (Game Project: Magelords)
  • Assisting in organization, productivity, and leadership support to the Art Director
  • Real-time Character Creation (Low and High poly modeling)
  • Texture Map Creation and UVW Unwrapping
  • 2D support with Concept work
  • Instructing the techniques art and development to others
3D Artist 1999
Midway Games Inc.,  Chicago, IL   (Game Project: Blitz 2000 Gold coin-op, canceled Golf Game)
  • 3D Modeling and Texture Maps
  • Character Animation and Sprite Animation
  • Design, Story Boards, Character Layouts and Illustrations
Designer & 3D Artist 1997-1998
Konami (KAA).,  Chicago, IL   (Game Project: Simpsons Bowling, canceled coin-op shooter)
  • 3D Modeling and Texture Maps
  • Character Animation and Sprite Animation
  • Design, Story Boards, Character Layouts and Illustration

Software Knowledge and Skills

Software 3D 
Zbrush, Max, Maya, Silo, Mudbox, 3D Coat, Bodypaint 3D 
Software 2D
Adobe Photoshop, Body Paint 3D, Painter, Adobe After FX, Adobe Illustrator
Skills Traditional
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video Production and Editing

Education (about equal to a bachelor's degree)

School of Communication arts, Minneapolis, MN 1996

3D Art and Animation
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN 1995
Film, Video, and HTML
College of Visual Arts, St. Paul, MN 1993-1995
Illustration and Fine Art


Video Games (all types), RPG's, Strategy Games, Painting, Drawing, 3D Modeling, Movies, Card Games, Reading, and more Video Games.

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

-Gautama Siddharta (Buddha)